Our friends Louis & Mireille Garin are pleased to share their wonderfull mountain pictures here : a marmott on a balcony of rhododendrons (wild azaleas) Thanks [img2="../images/faune_de_haute_savoie/1342345458.jpg"|left]

Pierrot Athurion's beaver in natural reserve of lake of Annecy

[img2="../images/patrimoine_a_proteger/1341842671.jpg"|left] Pierrot has revived this driftwood carving the emblematic beaver of the natural reserve. We wish him and the owl that keeps him company on a log nearby, a long life and many admirers . Pierrot Athurion is an amateur sculptor living in Doussard beside the church, his workshop is open to all.

Bauges Géopark Unesco accreditation 2011

This Saturday, September 24, 2011, the famous label of Unesco was given to Bauges mountains. It is the 3rd site in France recognized for its scientific value, archaeological and ecological. Geopark visits will take over tours of the National Wildlife Bauges that ended with the retirement of Serge Ducret. We look forward to the guide who will introduce visitors to our friends the wonders Geopark Bauges. the famous Arcalod hole, perched synclines, tuffs, sandstones, marls and boulders will have no more secrets for us as chamois, ibex and marmots, the gleaming alders, the Vargnes tortuous and royal edelweiss.

Vultures in Aravis range

Three year ago, Vultures could be watched flying in Bauges ( pictures of Bernard Dubois), two years ago they were in Aravis and now they come again Thanks to Henri et Marie Noel Cannard for this picture [img2="../images/faune_de_haute_savoie/1315860359.jpg"|left]

Grandpa brings us the last bunches of cyclamens of the combe d 'Ire to decorate the reception desk at the age of 89, he has not lost the good habits of his youth, when he used to sell to the tourists of passage the cyclamens bunches picked in the shade of the Serraz wood.

Migratory pigeons on annecy lake

Migratory birds late in August 2011 FR Text: 29/08/2011 Near the River, flocks of pigeons were spread out in freshly mowed fields or in fields of wheat harvested in July Size, White below the wings and white belly, well rounded tail fan when they land help a fast identification where are they going , from where are they coming these migratory birds? they were billions in the United States in the eighteenth century and they were exterminated to the last, for the damage they caused to crops The species could not be saved in the United States despite trials in captivity, because these birds do not survive out of as a group The species was named ''Tourte'', which gave the term culinary american pie and the famous recipe.

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